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Memorial Day Massage!

Memorial Day weekend is here, but there’s still just enough time to plan a last-minute getaway—assuming you haven’t done so already. Consider this: the best use of those three days might be to spend them getting a massage, particularly if you select types that emphasize relaxation and renewal. We have a variety of styles and types including: Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, CBD Salve, Aromatherapy, Neuromuscular, Reflexology, Cupping, Bamboo, Couples, Thai and even Chair. Whichever you choose, you really can’t go wrong! Book today!  Jupiter Massage & Pilates
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Attention Fellow Golfers!

Attention fellow golfers! Sometimes the key to a better swing isn’t on the links, but on the reformer. Pilates has been proven to help you hit the ball in a straighter direction, more precisely, and a further distance. It can also help prevent injury, so you won’t complain anymore about post-game back pain. Every single exercise you do in Pilates comes from the core and strengthens it. All golf swings originate from your center, so a stronger core will make you a stronger player. Furthermore, the stretching you do in Pilates will increase your flexibility AND mobility, so you will be able to achieve a fuller range on motion with your swing. Come give it a try!  Jupiter Massage & Pilates
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Stretching is Everything

Assisted Stretching is a highly effective way to increase muscle flexibility, combining passive stretching and isometric stretching to achieve maximum static flexibility.  Athletes  trying to improve their sports performance through an increased range of motion will benefit from assisted stretching.  People recovering from a soft tissue injury, or those who have lost mobility over time can also benefit as they gain strength through improved  flexibility. The benefits of assisted stretching include, but are not limited to: Optimized muscle and tendon range of motion. Improved flexibility and health of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Enhanced athletic performance. (Optimal flexibility requires less energy expenditure, allowing for increased stamina and enhances speed, agility, and strength.) Reduced spasms, splinting, and tension. Quicker recovery from athletic activity. (Muscle stiffness is reduced as excess lactic acid buildup is removed.) In assisted stretching,


MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL!  What better what to show our great appreciation for all the women on Mother’s Day!  We are offering $10 OFF 60 Minute & 90 minutes massages! We are also offering 5 Private Pilates sessions for $275 ($400 value). AVAILABLE THROUGH MAY 13th, 2019.  Jupiter Massage & Pilates 125 W Indiantown Rd #102 Jupiter, FL 33458 (561) 529 - 2093