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Merry and Bright

Happy Holidays!  I hope you all are enjoying this merry, happy time; spending evenings with family and friends, exchanging gifts, cooking, wrapping presents, and decorating our Christmas Trees. We also have to remember that this time can be very stressful, depressing, and anxiety filled for many people, sometimes people who are very close to us. This is the season of love and giving. Remember that when someone says that this may not be their favorite time of year. When someone doesn't want to decorate or cook or wrap presents, they have a history just like you and theirs may not be filled with as many warm and happy memories.  The best gift you can give this year is the gift of self love. The gift of a Massage is one of the best presents you can give to yourself or the people you love the most. Many people think that getting a massage is a pampering treat you should give yourself once in a blue moon, but I'm here to tell you otherwise. Getting a massage at least once