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Healthy Eating

Here at Jupiter Massage and Pilates, eating healthy is just as important as working out. Doing an hour of pilates every day doesn't mean much if you're going home and eating junk food. Switch out that fast food breakfast for some overnight oats and fruit. Have a veggie burger for lunch instead of a beef burger, or enjoy some delicious veggies for a snack instead of a candy bar. Health begins with the small choices you make every day. You can go for the easy fast food choice or take a little time to make something that will benefit you in the long run. It's not easy, but you don't have to do it alone. Call us today at 561-529-2093 to schedule a pilates lesson and get tips on healthy living!   Jupiter Massage and Pilates 125 W indiantown rd. Suite# 102, Jupiter FL, 33458 561-529-2093

Introducing the Hypervolt!

Why Hypervolt by Hyperice is  AMAZING ! We are very excited here at the studio, our newest toy is here! Introducing the Hypervolt by Hyperice, a percussion therapy tool, used for muscle recovery on professional athletes and fitness fans alike. What is percussion therapy?            Percussion therapy accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. This enhances the flow of blood to different critical areas, allowing for pain relief and subsequently improving function and range of motion.  With traditional massage, human hands may not be able to penetrate those hard to reach areas and thus not take care of the root problem. Furthermore, it is sometimes even too painful to bear. With percussion therapy, you don’t experience the pain, only relief.          Our therapists and pilates instructors have fallen in love with this tool after only a few tries. I'm already us