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Hot Stones & Aromatherapy

Here at Jupiter Massage & Pilates additional items such as hot stones and aromatherapy are included in our set price for massage! There is no extra charge for the modalities that we incorporate into your massage. Hot stones can be very beneficial to the body, the heat expands the blood vessels and encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones can relieve chronic pain while reducing stress and allowing you to fall into a deep relaxation. Aromatherapy is also useful for allowing your body to relax. The essential oils can do many things including relieving headaches and anxiety, reducing pain, boosting energy levels, and promoting circulation. We encourage you to come into Jupiter Massage & Pilates and try out our hot stones and aromatherapy for no extra charge! You can call (561)-529-2093, email, or go onto our website to schedule your appointment today!


Did you know that Jupiter Massage & Pilates offers cupping during your massage for no extra charge!? Cupping is a technique that uses small cups and suctions an area of your body and while doing this it allows blood flow to the area while loosing the muscles. It also can sedate the nervous system which is excellent for high blood pressure! It can relieve pain, muscle tightness, fatigue, anxiety, and migraines. Schedule an appointment today to incorporate cupping into your massage! Call 561-529-2093 or email us at