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Pilates for Overall Amazing Results

Pilates for Overall Amazing Results There are myriad ways that Pilates can improve your life, but lets look at a few key reasons the method is so transformative for your health and body.  *To start, Pilates allows you to develop a deep internal core strength that is essential in maintaining an active lifestyle and an able body that can move you through all of your daily tasks. *Pilates also expands your flexibility. It can be difficult at first as you work to increase your flexibility, but it is important for everyone  to have a healthy, movable, flexible body , especially as one begins to grow older. *You will develop long, lean and strong muscles w ith Pilates through the mechanics of using resistance throughout your whole range of  motion. *Pilates even makes you taller by improving your posture. Plus with extension exercises every part of your body really stretches and strengthens during your workout.  *It will also help keep you upright with a strong back, working all