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Get your Summer Body with Pilates!

Jupiter Massage and Pilates offers group classes Monday through Saturday 8:00 to12:00 pm. This is a great opportunity to workout at your own pace. If you're interested in learning the basics or wanting to perfect your form you can also book a private class with John Monday through Friday 12:00pm to 5:00pm Pilates can help you acheieve your weight loss goals in several ways. One is in creating lean muscle mass to increase your  calorie-burning potential . " Pilates is strength training. We work with resistance to increase strength and hence, muscle mass. Using springs and different apparatus to increase the load to the muscles, we can affect a metabolic increase by building lean muscle mass,” says Alycea Ungaro, owner of  Real Pilates NYC . One essential way to look and feel thinner is to hold your body with good posture. Pilates helps create better posture by firming the core all around including your abs and back. “All Pilates work is performed with proper alignment