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Your Massage Experience at Jupiter Massage & Pilates

Here at Jupiter Massage & Pilates, you will receive the full amount of time scheduled, on the table.  We do not subtract any time from your massage if you show up to your appointment on time.  If you book one hour, you will certainly get one full hour.  The full amount of time will be spent doing hands on therapy so you leave feeling your absolute best. We also incorporate all of our techniques at no extra charge to you.  So if you wish to have a deep tissue massage with the incorporation of hot stones, it would be the exact same price.  We offer deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Stretching, Pregnancy Massage, Thai and Bamboo massage, Couples massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Neuromuscular, Cupping, Sports massage, and Chair massages.  Our therapists are extensively trained and are committed to healing.  Call our front desk today at 561-529-2093 to book your appointment at our beautiful location in Jupiter, FL. Jupiter Massage & Pilates 125 W Indiantown Rd. #102

Benefits of Regular Pilates Practice

At Jupiter Massage and Pilates you can reap the many benefits of Pilates by taking a group or private class in our state of the art Pilates studio.  Pilates is a physical fitness routine that has been practiced for many years.  It focuses on strengthening the core which aids in overall body awareness and strength.  However, the benefits do not stop there; one can expect to drastically increase their flexibility over time.  Their posture improves and the chronic pains that once ailed their joints seem to disappear or vastly improve with regular practice.  The Pilates method involves breathing, stretching, and strengthening in a unique combination that fosters awareness of the body, balance, and defined muscles.  At Jupiter Massage and Pilates, you can expect to work with a skilled Pilates instructor who has extensive knowledge on the power of this exercise.  They will work with you to create the routine that your individual body needs until you find the results that you seek.  In do

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If you are seeking out the Best Massage in Jupiter, FL be sure to go to Jupiter Massage & Pilates- Learn about the many benefits massage work brings you:

Having a massage is not only a relaxing experience; it is actually good for your health. It can decrease pains in the lower back, shoulders, feet- anywhere in the body where tension builds.  It can help to flush out toxins from the tissues, releasing endorphins in the process.  At Jupiter Massage and Pilates we offer many different types of massage, all with their own benefits to your wellbeing.  A Swedish Massage, known for it's soft, long, kneading strokes relaxes and energizes the body.  Hot Stone Massage uses smooth heated stones which instantly soothes tense and tired muscles while improving circulation, calming the nervous system and releasing toxins.  The Deep Tissue Massage uses slow movement and deep pressure to realign muscles and connective tissues guaranteeing that you will feel better after the session.  We also incorporate aromatherapy, and gentle stretching to ensure that the experience is both effective and therapeutic.  Regular massages at Jupiter Massage and Pilat