Change Isn't Always A Bad Thing

As Fall comes to a close and Winter begins we are stuck with the sudden thought that the year is almost over. For many of us the year has flown by, and for some it has dragged on. We all know one thing for sure; We are all ending this year differently than we started. Every fall the trees shed their leaves and in time new leaves return leaving the trees better and stronger than the previous year. Humans are a lot like trees. Whether your change this year was physical, mental, emotional, big, small, good or bad; Your change needed to happen. All of our changes did. The end of the year is a time for us to assess ourselves and see how far we've come and how strong we are and for us to shed all of our leaves (baggage, stress, anxiety, etc.) in order to come back stronger than ever in this new year. So take a minute, relax, breathe, stretch, get a massage, take a nap, and then get ready for the best year yet.

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