Common Misconceptions about Massage

1) Massages are basically all the same. 

False!  There are many different types of massage, and each has their own role.  Spa massage focuses on stress relief and helping to diminish general muscle soreness.  Sports massage is useful for athletes of any kind, from Olympians to weekend joggers, and helps to keep muscles and joints in top shape.  Massage for physical therapy is geared toward healing specific injuries and keeping bodies mobile while they recover. And of course there's deep tissue, aromatherapy, CBD therapy, reflexology, Swedish, and many more too!

2) The effects of a massage are only temporary.  

False! A massage therapist is able to help "retrain" muscles' memory to help reduce pain and stress on a body long after a session is complete.  

3) One should feel sore the day after a massage, or it didn't "work."  

False! Some people may feel a bit sore the day after a massage, especially if it was for deep tissue manipulation, But not feeling tender the day after is perfectly normal, too, and is not the sign of a failed massage.

4) Massage only moves muscles around.  

False!  Trained massage therapists can help alleviate swollen joints by gently moving stagnant synovial fluid.  They can also stretch tightened areas of the fascia, the tissue that connects bones, joints and muscle.

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