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Swiss Relief

Swiss Relief is a premium CBD product company that has created products we now sell in our studio. We offer an assorted variety of tinctures, gel caps, and salves in different flavors and strengths for whatever suits your personal needs. CBD is known for helping combat depression, anxiety , pain, insomnia and it acts as an anti-inflammatory. CBD is a non-psychoactive and will not produce an altered state of mind, just a calming sense of safety. The effects differ for everyone and so does the prescribed dosage. We suggest that when trying the products you start with small amounts and slowly build yourself up and see what works for you over what you've heard has worked for others. Jupiter Massage & Pilates 125 W Indiantown Rd #102 Jupiter, FL 33458 (561) 529 - 2093


Reflexology is a form of massage that focuses on the application of appropriate pressure to specific points or areas on the hands or feet. It is believed that these points or areas correspond to different organs and systems inside of the body, and when pressed or manipulated they produce effects that benefit ones health. The organs on the left side of the body are influenced by points on the left hand and left foot while organs on the right side are influenced by the right hand and right foot. Reflexology has been known to reduce anxiety and stress, and help manage symptoms of headaches, asthma, PMS, kidney functions and diabetes. Jupiter Massage & Pilates (561) 529 - 2093 125 W Indiantown Rd #102 Jupiter, Fl 33458